Sales and Services

1.For Sale model of Swedish privateer. Details here

2. For Sale set of drawings of the Russian imperial yacht "Queen Victoria"Details here

3. I am doing a reconstruction of the historical sailing ship from sketches, drawings, designs, analogs and others with the creation of 3D-models and then draw a set of plans and photoviews . Example of work - here. I developed a design frames set of model hull with drawings for cutting plywood , laser cutting or codes for CNC milling machine. Example of a laser cutting plywood here. Example of work for the construction of "Hull on  thick frames" ™ is here

4.  I build a model of sailing ship ( any complexity ) from your drawings or other drawings with pre reconstruction (see item 3). I accept orders for 2014 (second half) The construction period of 1-3 years (depending on complexity). Example of work here. An example of reconstruction of models from  image you can see here


Sail Ship Models
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